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We’re always on the lookout for future teammates! If you’re looking for a company where you can expand your digital marketing career, then explore 360Partners’ job openings to see if there’s a position that piques your interest.

The Perks & Benefits of Working at 360Partners

There are a lot of them! Our teammates enjoy the challenges and creativity that come with a digital marketing career, but they also appreciate the extras that come with working at 360Partners.

Who Are We?

Geeks with spreadsheets, coming to save the day, yeah!

By day, we're a digital marketing agency specializing in strategy and tactics for search engine marketing and conversion metrics. By night, we're a team that has a multitude of different hobbies and interests. Among us you can find a fire baton twirler, a former Miss Texas Gatorfest Queen, an international hand-ball champion and several former college athletes. Our obsessions range from obscure movie references from the 80s, to Tiff's Treats, anime and pranking each other.

360Partners Consulting, LP provides equal employment opportunities (EEO) to all employees and applicants for employment without regard to race, color, religion, sex, national origin, age, disability or genetics. Please read through our background investigation policy to find out more.

“Do you want your life to be better, or to be worse, or to stay the same?”

– Michael Scott, The Office

Those wise words were spoken by television’s most passionate boss, and we think it’s a question all job seekers should ask themselves. If you’re looking for something better, then look no further than 360Partners.

And that’s not just us saying it, either: for four of the past five years, we’ve been on the Austin American-Statesman‘s Top Workplaces list. The list is determined by employee responses to questions about commitment to values, to making sure everyone feels heard and respected, and to making sure everyone has a chance to grow.

Our team helps shape the company, which is why each member is so important. Here are the top 6 factors that make 360Partners a place where people enjoy coming to work:

#1 Our Culture is Like a Mullet: Business in the Front, Party in the Back

Strategic business partnerships? Check. Cutting-edge industry insights? Check. High-stakes office pranks? Check. We hire team players who bring their A-game every day but also love to “welcome” coworkers back from vacation in creative ways. Just so they know how much we missed them.

Our Employees Talk About Mullets

A mullet embodies the company culture at 360Partners. On my first day, I was introduced to the entire team during our weekly team meetings. At the start of the meeting, I was exposed to the “business side” of the mullet. Team members dove right into a knowledge-share about new technology available, Google algorithm updates and much more. As the team finished weekly learnings, the “party side” of the mullet appeared. Our current CEO informed me, “Every week, we end the team meetings with funny videos in order to keep things light.” We began to watch hilarious videos from Key and Peele, SNL and Dinosaur Office. As a new hire, I was thoroughly impressed with the amount of information and the amount of laughs shared during a thirty-minute meeting. I enjoy being a member of the mullet culture because we all work hard and work strategically, but we also have fun along the way.


We’ve got the greatest peeps! As I returned from a six-day honeymoon hiatus, I arrived back to an army of pink/yellow/turquoise peeps festively marching across my desk, as well as my white board donning the message of “Your peeps missed you!” I mean, really, these 360 peeps are wildly entertaining, quite witty, and are even kind enough to pretend to miss you when you are gone. Inner office tales just like this one abound, and everyone has their own iteration (often plural) of the funny that is “You got 360’d!”


#2 Company Values That Aren’t Picked Up or Dropped Off at the Door

Other companies talk the talk, but we actually walk the walk. Our core values pervade every aspect of our company, from the sales process to how we treat our employees to how we communicate with our clients. Teammates strive to live by these values each and every day, in and out of the office.

Our Employees Talk About Company Values

While most agencies are always looking to get new clients no matter, 360Partners takes the time to ask if we can help a potential customer. We had a potential client a few years ago who asked us to do an audit to look into the opportunity of working together. After a thorough analysis, we found that their current agency was doing a pretty good job and while we could improve things minimally, it wasn’t worth all the difficulty that would come with transitioning to a new agency. The potential client was shocked and pursued us for a few weeks afterwards, asking if they could become a client. I love that we did the right thing versus trying to collect more fees.


#3 That Sound You Hear? It’s the Sound of New Ideas Being Born

We love empowering our team to make decisions that affect their work, and career. We also encourage our team to propose new ideas that could be the next game changer for 360Partners. Autonomy is kind of a big deal around here, and we want our employees to have a voice.

Our Employees Talk About New Ideas

After being brought on full time from my internship at 360Partners, I realized that I had a passion for display advertising. After being exposed to several accounts, educational resources, and several conversations with more senior analysts, I realized that we could be utilizing this channel better. 360Partners allowed me to put together a training on how to better utilize display and its various targeting methods. Not only did they let me conduct the training, they also allowed me the opportunity to implement my recommendations. While this may seem like something small, I had never been part of an organization where I had the opportunity to develop an unused concept, and see it through to actuality.


When I was hired on at 360Partners, I was trained to work in the PPC side of the company. After learning more about SEO, though, I became interested in taking on more SEO tasks and responsibilities. Not only was I able to become more involved in SEO work, but I was also able to keep in practice with PPC work and take on other projects as well. I truly feel free to pursue my passions in this job, and use the skills I learn to provide an all-around better service to our clients.


#4 Open + Honest = Awesome

Have you ever wanted to shoot hoops with the owners of the company, or go to a happy hour with your CEO? How about being treated like an equal by every member of your team, regardless of titles? We want every element of our environment to support open, honest communication and interaction at all levels.

Our Employees Talk About Openness and Honesty

There is always an open-door policy whenever I have an idea – not just about account strategy, but the direction of where the company is going, as well. This gives us the option to lead culture and company goals, which include rethinking and inventing new departments. This is how we have come to develop some of our current offerings, like SEO and CRO.


Titles bear no fruit when it comes to values, openness or honesty. One time, my manager was out of the office during a major client project. As soon as I felt overwhelmed, I openly communicated with our CEO and our director my concerns about finishing the project, prior to the deadline. Upon discussion, they both set in place next steps so that the project would get completed without driving me insane.


#5 Our Team is Like a 90s Boy Band

We all have our own distinct style and sound, but when we bring it all together in harmony, we serenade clients with sweet, sweet SEM and SEO results. We’re still thinking about putting together an office band. Austin is the Live Music Capital of the World after all.

Our Employees Talk About Boy Bands

There was one time that the account team that I was on was working to finish a massive account build (creating tons of campaigns/ad groups/keywords). The deadline for this project was likely impossible for one or two people to complete. Initially, being newer to the company, I was afraid to ask for help. However, after I finally broke down and spoke to the account manager for additional resources, she replied with a simple, “What do you need?” Shortly thereafter, there were roughly 5 – 10 additional team members helping me with the build process. We not only met the deadline, but we exceeded client expectations by a few days. Needless to say, without the additional help from the team, we would have likely missed the deadline. This is just an example of how having a great team environment can help to achieve even the most daunting goals.


#6 A Learning Environment Like Austin – Non-Stop Growth

Everyone knows that Austin is a juggernaut when it comes to growth. We approach the training of our team in the same way. Continuous learning and growth is one of the pillars of our success and the team thrives on gaining new knowledge every day.

Our Employees Talk About Our Learning Environment

When I first started, I had no experience at all in paid search but a real passion for it. Luckily, I had a great team of analysts and senior analysts to not only extensively train me, but were always readily available to answer any questions or bounce off ideas, whenever I needed help. Three years later, I am fortunate enough to be in the position to help the new team members on their journey, as the technical manager.