Visibility Research

Keyword Research That Sends the Right Search Signals

Are you sending the right search signals? We translate client product and service information, marketing initiatives, and target customer behavior into organic keywords and content topics that increase search visibility.

Keywords are search signal elements can be woven into the content of the website to create or raise the visibility of specific web pages for specific search query topics. Creating a strategy to improve keyword ranking and overall website rank in search engines requires in-depth research and an understanding of how to gauge which visibility opportunities are worth pursuing.

How We Turn Keyword Research Into Website Visibility

Visibility is the first step in driving website goals through SEO. Knowing which keywords to go after is crucial for sending search signals that make your website visible to your target market. We help clients improve their visibility by using data-driven research to identify opportunities, expand keyword ranking, and create new entrance points to their websites.

Visibility Research

We use a research-based method to gain a better understanding of relevant search keywords and content topics for each client. The research examines search volume, business relevancy, and competitor activity among other factors. The outcome of this research is a tightly focused, topic-based keyword list that is broken into groups used to strategically embed search signals into on-page and meta-content.

Visibility Baselines

Establishing website search engine visibility (SEV) scores for the keyword groups is an essential part of the process. The scores allow you to see how visible your website content is in relation to the concepts that are most important to your business objectives. These visibility baselines also help us accurately measure the effectiveness of our efforts, where progress is being made and where there are additional opportunities for improvement.

Monthly Visibility Tracking

Once the keyword suggestions have been incorporated into the content, our job isn’t done. Monthly monitoring to track SEO and conversion-based metrics provides clients with vital information. The custom reports use the SEV scores to show month-over-month changes in performance with regards to website traffic, conversions, search engine visibility, and user engagement

At every stage, we provide clients with recommendations for specific keywords and content topics that have the potential to expand the visibility of their brand.

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