SEO Technical/Architectural Optimization

Website Architecture and Technical Foundations That Are Built for SEO

Just like the foundation of a home can impact the integrity of the entire structure, your website architecture and technical elements can affect the success of your SEO campaigns.

Website organization and structure is an underlying element of SEO that can easily get overlooked. These less-than-obvious issues can make it more difficult for search engines to crawl your site, inhibit user engagement, confuse users, and lower your conversion rate.

We help clients clean up their websites by using a two-step approach:

Technical SEO – We address underlying technical problems that could prevent search engines from crawling and indexing your website and that could complicate the user experience.

Architectural Improvements – Website organization and navigation are analyzed to discover where improvements can be made to send clear signals that direct users and search engines where you want them to go.

Using this two-pronged approach, we can help you maintain a technically sound website that’s free of errors, has a logical organization, and is easy to navigate so search engines are more likely to crawl your site and users are more likely to convert.

Technical SEO and Architectural Services from 360Partners

We use technical audits and regular monitoring to identify and mitigate technical errors, analyze and improve website organization, and fix website navigation issues that get search engines and users off track.

Here’s how our SEO team improves the technical function and architecture of a website:

  • Review Google Webmaster Tools data to find technical issues that Google has flagged on your site.
  • Audit technical elements that have an effect on search engine crawling and identify areas of improvement. These elements often include:
    • Redirects
    • Canonical tags
    • Meta robots tags
    • Crawler management directives
  • Analyze website redesigns and changes to assess how they impact website organization and navigation.
  • Provide recommendations for implementing a logical, hierarchical structure that allows customers and search engines to move through your website more easily.
  • Test site performance regularly to quickly mitigate any errors.

Recommendations for addressing specific technical and architectural issues are provided in detailed documents that provide complete transparency. While we do not actually touch the code on our clients’ sites, we do consult closely with clients on best practices and the most effective way to implement changes or fixes to ensure site errors are eliminated.

Let’s discuss how working with us can ensure a technically sound website that’s built for SEO.


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