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Build Increased Search Visibility Into Your Next Website Redesign

Will your website relaunch help or hinder your SEO performance? Discover how we help clients avoid pitfalls and maximize effectiveness at every stage of the website redesign and relaunch process.

Whether you are rebranding, updating your design, or simply trying to improve the usability of your website, relaunching a site requires careful consideration. The decisions you make before and after the relaunch can have a significant impact on SEO performance and long-term improvements. That is why it is essential to incorporate SEO early on in the website redesign and relaunch process.

We offer website redevelopment consultation services during the pre-launch and post-launch phases. Our website relaunch recommendations focus on SEO best practices that aim for:

  • A website free of technical errors that hinder search engine crawling and indexing.
  • Clear, logical architectural and navigational organization.
  • Obvious paths to conversion actions.
  • Improved organic search visibility.

Without a firm understanding of SEO best practices, all the work you’ve put into increasing your site’s search visibility could be undone. Ensure your relaunch leads to all around improvement with pre-launch recommendations from 360Partners.

Website Redevelopment Process and Deliverables

Our team works with clients to ensure that their new website meets SEO and user experience best practices, both pre and post launch. Our website redevelopment services include:


  • Site architecture recommendations based on past performance and user behavior that are aimed at improving navigation and usability.
  • Page format recommendations for enhanced readability.
  • Analytics implementation recommendations that help you gain better insight into site performance.
  • Pre-launch technical checklist that serves as a blueprint during the redesign process.


  • Post-launch technical checks and support to mitigate any issues that occurred during or directly after the relaunch.
  • Submission of an XML sitemap that will help Google crawl and index the new website more accurately.
  • Updates to the Robots.txt file for the most accurate instructions on which pages web robots should visit.
  • Canonical recommendations for improved ranking and link signals on content that can be accessed through multiple URLs.
  • 404 page recommendations (if needed).

We provide clients with in-depth documents that include recommendations for addressing specific technical and architectural issues. While we do not actually touch the code on our clients’ sites, we do consult with clients on the best way to implement changes or fixes to ensure site errors are eliminated.

Let’s discuss how working with us can provide reassurance that your website redesign and relaunch will improve SEO performance.

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