SEO Philosophy

SEO: An End-to-End Model

360Partners believes that SEO doesn’t stop with keyword rankings or click-throughs to a website, but continues as a “search-to-sale” experience. Increased organic search visibility and traffic, and overall SEO success, are the by-products of website content that does three things:

  • Sends strong signals of relevancy to search engines
  • Engages users with unique and useful information at each phase of the buying funnel
  • Drives visitors to clear conversion actions

A Focus on the Buying Funnel

Our approach to SEO is rooted in the recognition that SEO strategies and tactics must be tailored to the buying funnel in order to be effective in introducing new customers to your brand.

It starts with an understanding that there are different goals and metrics to track at different levels of the buying funnel because searchers (and potential customers) have different objectives and needs at each stage of the funnel. Similarly, target keywords and topics, and website content, should be tailored to different phases of the buying process.

The objective is to gain visibility for a broad range of keywords that provide entries to your website (and introductions to your brand) at multiple phases, and to structure site content so that individual webpages have a clear purpose and provide information relevant to where a potential customer is in the buying cycle.

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