Ongoing SEO Campaigns

Use Performance Metrics to Continually Improve Organic Search Visibility

Get ongoing data driven optimization recommendations that keep your business visible in search engines at the site and page level. Our SEO experts will track data regularly to identify SEO strategies that are based on performance metrics, not guesses.

SEO management is a continual process that requires thoughtful data analysis and incremental adjustments to maximize optimization. For ongoing SEO campaigns, we leverage web analytics and business intelligence to generate meaningful SEO optimization strategies.

Website analytics data are used to develop our recommendations including:

  • Keyword visibility measured by our Search Engine Visibility (SEV) score.
  • Page-level user engagement and conversion performance.
  • Web page traffic.

The wealth of information that can be gained from this data analysis cannot be exaggerated. It is a valuable resource that can have a profound impact on search visibility and revenue generation. The more traffic that is driven to your website, the more information we have to track and the better intelligence we have for data-driven optimization.

Data Analysis and the Delivery Process

Our SEO experts use Google Analytics and Google Webmaster Tools as primary data sources for deeper analyses into how website visitors are engaging with your site on a page-by-page basis. This performance metrics investigation includes:

  • Site visitor flow analysis to identify the paths that visitors are taking.
  • Search engine results page (SERP) click-through rate (CTR) analysis to gauge search listing relevancy.
  • Landing page user engagement analysis to identify where improvements can be made to increase conversion.
  • Call-to-action (CTA) and conversion analysis to discover which messaging is most effective.

Clients will receive reports that highlight the findings and provide complete transparency into their performance metrics. The recommendations that result from the analyses are focused on making incremental improvements and changes to targeted web pages in order to fine-tune their search visibility, user engagement, and conversion performance.

Discover how working with us can keep your ongoing SEO campaigns on track and optimized.


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