SEO Audits

Highlight Your Site’s Strengths and Expose Its Weaknesses

Know where you need to go with your SEO by understanding where your website currently stands. An SEO site evaluation from 360Partners examines key elements of your website to determine where the opportunities for improvement exist. A comprehensive website audit is the most efficient way to identify potential SEO issues, as well as opportunities for improving the aspects that impact your business. Our SEO technical audit takes a closer look at the signals that are being sent to search engines and to searchers.

What is Covered in a 360Partners SEO Audit?

During the SEO audit, we will compare your website against our SEO best practices to gauge performance across the technical, architectural, content, and backlinks elements of your website. Our experts will also research key competitors to provide you with a better understanding of what it will take to gain better search visibility within your industry.

Our SEO checklist includes the four major areas of search optimization:

Technical Function
  • Crawler management
  • XML sitemap
  • Page load speed
  • Server response codes
  • 404 error pages
  • Redirects
  • Canonical tags
  • Pagination
  • Analytics tracking codes
On-Page and Meta Content
  • Meta content (title tags, meta descriptions, header tags)
  • Media content (videos, PDF documents, image titles/tags)
  • On-page content (formatting, consistency, relevancy, engagement)
  • Duplicate content
Information Architecture
  • Hierarchical structure
  • Information silos
  • Navigational organization
  • URL naming conventions
External Backlinks
  • Backlinks profile (fnding cleanup and outreach opportunities)

All of these elements contribute to the overall performance of the site and determine how well it supports your ultimate business goals. Do you know how well your website supports your SEO goals?

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