Content Development

SEO Content with a Focus on Conversion

Carefully crafted content has the power to increase search visibility and user engagement, both of which can help boost conversion rates. Discover how multiple businesses have optimized their content for search engines and end users by working with us.

Are you clearly communicating your business’ value to consumers and search engines? Web content covers more than the words on the page. Clearly communicating with search engines and users requires that content best practices be used in all aspects of writing.

Our SEO strategy for optimizing content includes:

  • On page content (Text)
  • Meta-content (Title tags, meta descriptions, image tags, etc.)
  • Media content (Videos, PDF documents, graphics)

We understand how to optimize all content components to create a search engine-friendly website that improves user engagement, visibility, and goal conversion rate.

How We Optimize Content That Clearly Communicates

Content is one of the pillars of our *SEO management services*. We work closely with each client to first identify the purpose and goals for each page, and then craft a content strategy to meet them. Emphasis is placed on strategies that inform users and search engines about the company and its offerings, as well as the specific information on each page.

Our content development and optimization activities are focused in three main areas:

On-Page Content Optimization
  • During a preliminary meeting with the client, we determine which pages are the highest priority.
  • Analytics data is utilized to identify opportunities for content development and diversification that opens up multiple entrance points into your website.
  • A content development timeline is created based on the preliminary findings.
  • Competitor content analysis ensures that our client is ‘standing out from the crowd’ in order to improve search engine click-through rates and conversions.
  • Clients are provided with detailed content briefs that include:
    • High-level recommendations for content to be included.
    • Keyword integration.
    • Internal linking strategy integration.
    • Content development recommendations based on high-level goals for the page.
Meta Content Optimization
  • We conduct in-depth analysis of all meta-content currently on the site.
  • Client-specific recommendations / best practices are provided for optimizing meta-content so that it’s more informative to search engines and compels users to click through to the website.
  • Follow-up analysis is performed to identify data-driven optimizations for meta-content.
Media Content Optimization
  • Clients are provided with technical optimization documents for various forms of media content, including:
  • Video
  • Images
  • PDFs
  • We provide expertise and insight into video hosting strategies and on-page video optimization.
  • We leverage our knowledge of trends and best practices to help our clients use media to get ahead of the competition.

We consult with clients every step of the way to ensure all their content is optimized using best practices.

Let us show you how working with us can help you create content that ranks, engages, and converts.


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