Video/YouTube Advertising

Video Marketing That Gets Your Ads Seen – and Remembered

Our experts understand how to create effective advertising on YouTube using Google AdWords to establish campaigns that target your audience.

Every day, millions of people watch videos on YouTube, giving businesses ample opportunity to get their brand, products and services in front of viewers.

The question then becomes, how do you get your ads in front of the right people? Our team has years of experience creating intelligent video marketing campaigns that zero in on the target audience and turn viewers into customers.

Video Marketing Services from 360Partners

We offer a range of video marketing services that enable clients to improve the performance of existing ad campaigns, create new ones that are highly targeted, and manage campaigns so that they are continuously optimized.

Our video advertisement services include:

  • Helping clients select the most effective type of YouTube ad format based on established goals.
  • Setting up a campaign that is highly targeted by strategically segmenting users during the ad creation phase and layering targets such as remarketing lists and demographics in addition to bidding on keywords.
  • Analyzing actionable metrics and determining lucrative keywords to help guide the decision-making process and fine-tune campaigns
  • Crafting ads that encourage viewers to click, share, and endorse.
  • Creating lead funnels that bring traffic to the most relevant landing pages.
  • Well-planned advertising on YouTube can significantly increase the visibility of your brand within the topics, categories, and interests that are the most relevant to your business.

Let us show you how working with us can help you reach the right viewers at the right time.

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