Social Advertising

Combine Social Media and Advertising to Reach a Larger Audience

Go where users spend the most time with social advertising. We can craft campaigns that are highly targeted to deliver messaging that prompts interaction, increases brand exposure, and boosts traffic to your website.

Social marketing requires a keen understanding of how to segment audiences so that a highly targeted ad is delivered in the right context. Social media platforms allow for in-depth segmentation that targets users based on a variety of interests, demographics, career fields, educational backgrounds, and more. The end result is an ad campaign that is targeted in a way that isn’t possible in Google, Bing, and other search engines.

Social Marketing Services from 360Partners

Because social media evolves at a rapid pace, it can be difficult for businesses to fully capitalize on this marketing channel and give it the ongoing attention needed to realize a return on their investment. Our experts remain up-to-date on best practices so we can ensure optimal ad placement for our clients.

Our services primarily target the three social environments that attract the largest audiences:

Facebook Marketing Solutions

As the largest social media platform, Facebook is a critical component of any social marketing campaign. Using Facebook, we can target users based on a number of criteria that include their likes, interests, and lifestyle.

LinkedIn Advertising

More professionals belong to LinkedIn than any other social network. This provides a unique opportunity for businesses to craft ads with a professional spin that engage this valuable audience.

Twitter Advertising

Twitter provides many different ad options that are selected based on your return-on-ad-spend goals. We’ll create campaigns that can increase clicks, leads and conversions, generate more followers, make your brand more visible, and encourage engagement.

No matter what social media platform we are targeting, we will implement the strategies that produce the highest return. Our social media advertising strategies include:

  • Identifying your ideal target audiences to determine where ads need to be placed for the best visibility and which messages will resonate.
  • Segmenting audiences into distinct groups so that separate, highly targeted campaigns can be created around each one.
  • Crafting ads that feature promotional and/or seasonal incentives.
  • Creating campaigns that provide more control over how spend is allocated.
  • Analyzing campaign activity to gain insight into which types of customers are most interested/willing to convert.

Let’s discuss how working with us can turn social media into a profitable marketing channel for your business.


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