Pay-Per-Click (PPC) Ads

Increase Search Engine Visibility with Professional PPC Management

Gain the insights of a team that has helped dozens of clients in various industries achieve PPC success through thoughtful account structuring, highly targeted campaigns and constant optimization.

Successful pay-per-click (PPC) ad campaigns are built using a combination of well-tracked data and creative professionals who understand how to analyze the data, craft compelling ads and implement best practices. The team at 360Partners utilizes 15+ years of SEM experience and a genuine passion for excelling in the ever-changing world of PPC to manage campaigns on a daily basis. We understand this powerful marketing medium attracts motivated buyers more readily than organic links and can make or break your bottom line.

Search engine advertising is one of the most effective forms of PPC advertising, but only if it’s highly targeted and highly measurable. 360Partners is proud to say we’re a Google Premier Partner with more than a decade of experience advertising on all of the major search engines and PPC channels. Our comprehensive PPC campaign creation ensures that your company can reach prospective customers all across the web.

How 360Partners Builds High Performance PPC Campaigns

At 360Partners we have developed a high-touch service model that creates a strategic partnership with each client. The process begins with our PPC Audit, which enables us to find the missed opportunities that cause campaigns to lose traffic and decreases quality score.

Here’s how your dedicated account team of product and channel specialists will use hard data to drive marketing that gets improved results:

Smart Account Structuring
  • Customize PPC strategy based on the goals and objectives identified during an initial kick-off meeting.
  • Optimize ad group size and segmentation to decrease cost and maximize traffic.
  • Structure campaign ad groups so it is easier to test and analyze ad copy.
  • Prioritize performance elements to improve return on advertising spend.
  • Properly allocate advertising spend to target the most relevant audience.
  • Optimize campaigns for multiple PPC channels – Google, Bing and more.
  • Integrate campaigns into our bid management tool.
Highly Targeted Campaigns
  • Ad copy creation that’s precise and targeted to meet best practices, lower costs, increase relevancy and exceed your expectations.
  • Template creation for optimal ad rendering that grabs attention.
  • Adjust targeting based on geography, time of day and online user behavior.
  • Keyword targeting that puts your ads in front of the people who are looking to purchase now.
  • Create custom destination URLs and optimization for target landing pages.
  • Craft ad campaigns that are specific to each PPC channel.
Continued Refinement and Optimization
  • Use real-time performance data to make evaluations, allocate spend to your most popular or profitable products and optimize your PPC account quickly and effectively.
  • Keyword bids are managed using our enterprise class bid optimization tool.
  • Performance tracking based on the metrics that are important to your business – ROI/ROAS, CPL/CPO, order volume, etc.
  • Adapt quickly to take advantage of seasonal changes, advertise limited-time offers, etc.
  • Weekly calls and detailed reports with updates and strategy discussions that provide complete transparency.
  • Quarterly performance reviews that examine long-term strategy, goals and objectives.

PPC advertising has the potential to help just about any business grow, but only if you’ve got the right strategy in place and the right people executing the tactics. Discover how working with us can change your strategy for the better.


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