CRO Testing

CRO Testing

At the heart of 360Partners’ CRO program is a series of tests informed by the data we gathered during the Discovery stage. Each month, we conduct up to 3 tests geared towards website user experience/interface (UX/UI), landing pages and your conversion funnel.

For each test, we provide:

  • Management of the CRO Cycle process, including approvals, creative development and traffic segmentation
  • A pre-test brief illustrating the hypothesis, control/variation designs and projected results
  • A post-test review combining the pre-test brief elements with the results of the test and recommendations for future tests

Website UX/UI Implementation

We provide recommendations for improving user experience, with special focus on high-traffic areas and conversion pathways.


  • Easier website navigation
  • Clear pathways to conversion actions
  • More user engagement metrics, which means more clarity and control over interactions with users

Landing Pages

We deliver annotated markups and/or wireframes for new versions of landing pages. These new pages will be tested against current pages to determine levels of improvement for user flow and increase in engagement.


  • Additional insights into user behavior
  • Enhanced user experience
  • Greater site engagement
  • More revenue

Conversion Funnel

We analyze your conversion funnel to gain insights into current and historical user behavior. This analysis will examine structure, messaging, staging, ease of use and funnel abandonment points.


  • Reduced friction
  • More user-friendly experience
  • More revenue

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