CRO Strategic Management

CRO Strategic Management

The top-converting sites in the world understand that CRO is an ongoing process. At 360Partners, we manage that process for you, to provide detailed analysis and new opportunities for your conversion funnels. The Strategic Management stage provides detailed analysis of the conversion funnel performance based on analytics and CRO data. In addition, the CRO team manages any tracking changes or updates to ensure core goals are being measured properly.

We keep the process completely transparent by providing a detailed projection model, CRO cycle implementation briefs and CRO cycle review analysis. You’ll see every aspect of the process to better understand how users are interacting with your website and how our recommendations can improve their experience.

CRO Strategic Management components:

  • Weekly reporting on site conversion funnel performance
  • Manage testing process from discovery to creating tests to working with the team on implementation
  • Insights on conversion gaps and user behavior trends
  • Recommendations on new testing opportunities

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