CRO Discovery

Without the correct data to start with, CRO “testing” is usually just guessing. Most of the hidden value in your website isn’t tied up in the color of a button or the use of passive voice in a headline; it’s in the steps your visitors have to take to become customers.

As the name implies, our Discovery stage is all about discovering what the purpose and goals of your website are, how users are interacting with your site and where we can start to make meaningful, profitable improvements.

Strategy Setting

360Partners will learn about your business model, goals and targeted audience. User experience, user interaction, searcher intent, opportunities and challenges will be assessed moving forward.


  • Enhances understanding of the targeted personas and how they currently interact with the website
  • Enables both teams to arrive at mutually agreed upon strategy, goals and objectives for the engagement moving forward


We collect and analyze current user behavior within targeted areas of the website, including landing pages and conversion funnel. This allows us to identify the roadblocks that lead to friction and poor performance.


  • Creates ability to collect accurate and detailed data on relevant user behavior on the landing pages and overall website
  • Uncovers the patterns, intent, and triggers which impact customer behavior and subsequently guides the testing strategy

Data Assessment

This stage is dedicated to defining the CRO assets of the website and attributing goals and values to those assets. As part of this stage, we assess landing pages, user interface and/or experience and conversion funnel.


  • Uncovers areas of redundancy, stagnation and ambiguity that are leading to undesirable user behavior (e.g., dropoffs, failure to convert, etc.)
  • Provides guidance for what optimizations to begin testing first

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