A Case Study

A medical degree college approached 360Partners in September 2013 with one primary goal: to increase their number of leads.

The Problem

The client’s existing website traffic and lead volume was static, showing insignificant growth.

The Approach

To increase lead volume, 360Partners recommended that the client do the following:

  1. Implement a portfolio approach to keywords to expand visibility across a number of different search queries.
  2. Optimize content by providing information that is relevant and authoritative for search engines and valuable to prospective students.
  3. Improve the User Experience/User Interface (UX/UI) in order to increase the number of conversion actions taken by visitors (CVR) to the website.

The Method

The three strategies were implemented in two phases.

  • Phase One: Optimize the client’s existing website to maximize user experience and search-engine visibility through targeted keywords and content.
  • Phase Two: Assist with the design and launch of the new site by improving the technical, architectural, and content elements to increase site traffic and maximize conversion potential.

The Results

Performance improvement was noted in all of the following categories:

  • Keyword Visibility
  • Traffic
  • Conversion Rate
  • Conversions


There was a significant increase in the number of keywords grouped by rank position per quarter, going from 1,189 keywords in Q4 2013 to 4,262 keywords in Q1 2015:


Organic Traffic

The quarterly volume of organic traffic also increased from 8,222 visitors per day to 13,665 visitors per day by Q1 2015:


Note: The data shows a dip in traffic in Q4 2014 due to seasonality. But the traffic dip that occurred in Q2 2013 did not occur in Q2 2014. This demonstrates increasing keyword visibility can play a significant role in preventing traffic dips over time.

Homepage Traffic

The total traffic to the client’s homepage decreased from 42.88% in 2013 to 38.69% in 2014. This decrease is not to be interpreted negatively since the overall site traffic increased along with the visibility of other pages on the site. In short, the amount of friction users were experiencing prior to the changes was reduced by redistributing that traffic to a greater number of pages within the site.


Percentage of Total Traffic to the Site which Landed on the Homepage42.88%38.69%


Prior to the changes, users were taken to the homepage, rather than to the page that answered their specific query. This type of friction often leads to an increased bounce rate and lower conversion rate.

After implementing the appropriate technical and architectural changes, users were taken directly to the page that addressed their query. In other words, they got what they were looking for much faster, without friction, improving their overall experience on the site. Thus, the amount of traffic landing on the homepage was reduced.

Conversion Rate


There was also an increase in the conversion rate of form submissions by quarter, going from 2.35% in Q1 2013 to 3.26% by Q4 2015.

Form Submissions


Prior to implementing the recommendations of 360Partners, the client averaged 180 form submissions per quarter (60 form submissions per month). When the new site was launched in Q2 of 2014, the number of form submissions increased by 80%, reaching a total of 260 by Q2 2014 and a total of 446 by Q1 2015.


360Partners helped the client achieve the following goals:

  1. Increase traffic and visibility by:
    1. Eliminating technical errors for more effective crawling and indexing
    2. Broadening keyword focus
    3. Creating relevant content
  2. Improve conversion rate by:
    1. Targeting keywords that bring in more qualified visitors/prospective students
    2. Creating content that is engaging and useful to visitors
    3. Improving the overall UX/UI of the site
Tiffany Pullin

Tiffany Pullin

Former Senior SEO Analyst at 360Partners
Tiffany Pullin was with 360Partners from 2013 until 2017. As our Senior SEO Analyst, she was an expert on technical SEO and content strategy and execution. Tiffany is no longer with the team, but we're still grateful for the knowledge and insight she gave to this blog.
Tiffany Pullin