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Google AdWords Policy Update pre-GDPR

Last month, Google AdWords announced how they’re preparing for the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). What does that mean for American advertisers?

Get All Our Resources for 2018 in Digital Marketing

Our content about what we expect for 2018 in digital marketing doesn’t stop at blog posts. We’ve also created checklists and an eBook available for download, 100% free, no form fill required.

Paid Search 2018: The Next Big Things

How will the five major digital marketing forces of 2018 combine in paid search? Expect shifts in native and video ads, click fraud, and mobile schema.

Digital Marketing 2018: The Five Biggest Phenomena

We predict that the biggest changes in digital marketing in 2018 will come from these developments. None of them are completely new; they’re all the products of continuing evolution in data, technology, and marketing.

The Top 5 Developments of 2017 in Paid Search

Paid search really kept everyone on their toes this year, as we responded to all the changes brought about by AI and machine learning, programmatic advertising, and the growth and maturing of several channels and platforms. Here are the top 5 changes we observed in 2017.

SEO in 2017: Four Subtle Shifts and a Sudden Upheaval

Most of 2017’s developments were gradual, including shifts in local listings, answer boxes, and voice search. However, we also saw one relatively fast upheaval that brought some major opportunities for ranking improvements.