Meet the 360Partners Team

Discover how this motley crew came together and how they keep 360Partners on the cutting edge of data-driven search engine marketing.

360Partners co-founder Jim McKinley

Jim McKinley, Co-Founder

Jim McKinley has a wide range of experience in online marketing, marketing strategy, technology, and growing companies. He has been an Adjunct Professor of Digital Marketing at Baylor University for several years.

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Jeff Hoogendam, Co-Founder

Jeff Hoogendam is a principal of 360Partners with deep experience in marketing strategy, business development and venture capital. Just prior to 360Partners, Jeff was a co-founder and CEO of venture-backed start-up SmartPrice, Inc.

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Barbara Cavness, CEO

Barbara Cavness joined 360Partners in 2010 as the Director of Client Operations. Her background includes more than a decade of experience in interactive marketing, public relations, and account management.

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Kiersten Saathoff, Director of Finance & Administration

Kiersten recently joined 360Partners as our Director of Finance & Administration. Her background includes operations, management strategy, and financial management.

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Alexis Ponzio

SEO Analyst

Annie Duke

Account Manager

Ashlee Andres

Senior SEM Analyst

Ashley Koch

HR Specialist

Austin Madert

SEM Analyst

Brent Noel

Office Manager

Caleb Upson

SEM Analyst

Catherine Cantieri

Marketing Manager

Cheyenne Deegan

SEM Analyst

Christina Poulin

SEM Analyst

Connor Wrenn

SEO Manager

Cynthia Howlett

Account Manager

Dave Preston

Sales Manager

Donna Lagow

Director of Client Operations

Elizabeth Crinejo

Director of Client Operations

Jacob Garza

Account Manager

Jeanne Fortney

Staff Accountant

Jessica Hall

SEM Analyst

Josh Cuttill

Product Manager

Meagan Finucan

Account Manager

Pranav Krishna

SEM Analyst

Richard Clark

Technical Manager

Sandy Powers

HR Manager

Scott Caplan

SEM Analyst

Sofia Iwobi

CRO Analyst

Sydney Sheedy

Senior Account Manager

Tung Hou

SEO Analyst

Yangdi Li

SEM Analyst