October 2012
Josh Cuttill-2

The 360Partners recently caught up with the newest addition to the account management team, Josh Cuttill. Josh joined 360Parters in September 2012 and has been kind enough to share a little bit about himself and his background.

1. What is your background?

My background is a combination of SEO and SEM management grounded primarily within a consultative setting. My range of experience includes high-profile international brands, as well as up-start e-commerce companies. No matter what type of company my clients have, my mission is the same: Develop a partnership with my clients centered on building their brand and impacting their bottom line.

2. What are your responsibilities at 360Partners?

At 360Partners, I have been tasked with managing client account strategy for SEM and SEO engagements. I joined 360Partners because they believe the best way to accomplish this is through studying, crunching, and analyzing the metrics behind your strategy. 360Partners’ philosophy “We do marketing with Excel not Photoshop” is a motto that I buy into 100%. My clients’ companies are too important to make decisions without all of the facts. My goal is to analyze the facts and work with my clients to devise a strategy to make their brands stand out, increase their quality leads, and more importantly, convert those leads to ensure they hit the goals they’re aiming for.

3. What’s the most challenging aspect of your job?

The most challenging and, therefore, the most important part of my job is to become ingrained with the DNA of my clients’ companies. I believe the only way to help my clients reach their goals is to create a true partnership with them. What makes each company unique? What are my clients passionate about? What are my clients’ messages to their customers? What are my clients’ internal values, philosophies, and goals? My challenge whenever I take on any new client is to become an extension of their business. That mentality enables us to work together as partners to create unique strategies built specifically for them.

4. Anything big happen this year outside of work?

I just recently asked the love of my life to marry me, and she said yes! (As you may be able to tell, I am a bit of a romantic.) That said, it’s not every day you meet someone with whom you want to live the rest of your life, so cut me a little slack. We plan to get married next spring, and I have already learned that 6-7 months is not a lot of time for wedding planning. So when I am not working on lowering my clients’ CPLs or increasing their ROAS, rest assured that I am probably entrenched in wedding planning, such as exotic floral arrangements, catering tasting sessions, and the all-important dance lessons.

5. What makes Austin special?

When I finished my master’s at the University of Texas in Austin and moved away to start my career, I always planned to come back to this city. Austin has the perfect mix of great weather (hate the snow), beautiful views, and an endless supply of entertainment. Whether I am out enjoying a nature trail or listening to live music at night, I always seem to have a good time here.

6. Tell us an interesting fact about yourself (you could mention your international fame in the handball circles)

When I was in college, I tried to take a racquetball class but it was completely full, so I signed up for a handball class instead. After one semester I was asked to join the school’s team and ended up having the opportunity to compete across the nation and internationally, including winning a national collegiate championship in 2001.

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