Paid Search Advertising

Precision Guidance to Maximize Your Search Marketing Results

Paid search advertising, also known as search engine marketing (SEM), is a critical component of any business’ marketing strategy. This powerful customer acquisition channel demands continual optimization that can only come from constant tracking and measuring, use of best practices and building an appropriate account structure.

Giving Accounts the Attention They Need for Data-Driven Success

360Partners has more than 15 years of SEM experience to back up our data-driven strategies and analyses. In the ever-evolving landscape of Paid Search, our dedicated team uses a high touch model to monitor account performance on a daily basis:

  • Ad copy analysis
  • Geographical analysis
  • User search behavior
  • Device usage
  • Seasonal influencers
  • Bidding strategy
  • Keyword selection
  • Revenue generation
  • Account expansion opportunities

Driven by the goals that you have identified as most important for your business, our team applies their knowledge and experience to create dynamic accounts that can be tracked and provide better control over traffic generation. We stay on top of the latest SEM trends, tactics and best practices so our business partners can focus on serving the customers that come through their virtual doors.

Your Goals + Our Online Search Solutions = Accounts Structured for Success

Improve Your Quality Score for Big SEM Results

You’ve probably already discovered that buying your way to premium ad placement isn’t possible. You have to earn it through a high Quality Score. At 360Partners, we understand the many factors and best practices needed for Quality Score enhancement strategies that lead to:

  • Lower cost-per-click (CPC)
  • Better ad placement
  • Improved click through rates (CTR)

Like most search marketing elements, keyword Quality Score evolves over time. Campaigns created by 360Partners are continually tested, updated and optimized to keep your Quality Score where it needs to be for the best ad positioning.

Paid Search Services Offered by 360Partners

360Partners offers a comprehensive selection of SEM services that work together to enhance all Paid Search efforts. We’re completely transparent and take the time to explain each SEM tactic so you fully understand what’s influencing each decision and why certain strategies are being implemented.

Pay Per Click (PPC) Ads – PPC Ads are the gold standard in paid search advertising, but they can also be extremely challenging, especially if you’re in a competitive space. We’ll show you the best practices that allow you to control volume of spend and traffic for improved results.

Product Listing Ads – Enter the world of intelligent, lead-seeking advertising. Make sure your eCommerce ads show up when and where motivated buyers are shopping.


Mobile – Do you use your mobile devices more than your desktop computer? Then you’re like the majority of consumers today. We’ve researched mobile user behavior for years in order to create strategies that help you capitalize on this growing revenue opportunity.

International – Why limit yourself to one geo market? 360Partners knows how to apply geographical analysis and properly translated ads to target buyers no matter what country they live in.

Campaign Audits – It all starts with our proprietary 101-Point Checklist Audit. Are your campaigns hitting the 100+ elements that are necessary to fully optimize paid search results?